How to Choose Cabinet Knobs and Pulls July 23, 2018

Not sure what you should get for your cabinets? Need an idea of what sizes are options and those that won’t work? Here are helpful information sheets on cabinet knobs See more

Wall-hung toilets – great space savers March 27, 2018

Wall-hung toilets – great space savers

Wall-hung toilets? Toilets are an integral element of your bathroom. Depending on the size and configuration of the room, you can opt to install a wall hung toilet that will help increase See more

Why Shop Local? July 28, 2017

Why should you buy at locally owned businesses? Just the other day I was listening to my teacher giving us guidance to buy our instruments. She mentioned how important it See more

Kitchen Design Services August 12, 2016

Kitchen Design Services

Frequently Asked questions Here are some frequently asked questions about your kitchen cabinet/countertop purchases at Buyer’s Market. How much will a kitchen remodel cost? On average, cabinets will account for See more

Bath Remodel Considerations May 12, 2016

Bath Remodel Considerations

Here a few things to consider when planning your bathroom remodel: (A) Tiling the Shower Floor? You need to know about Channel Drains! Channel drains are a long trough that See more