What Happens When Your Lease Is Up?

It’s about that time, tenants – time to choose what you will do after your tenant contract is up. Despite the fact that the time is close, this adjustment in your life won’t come abruptly. Other than monitoring the date when your rent closes, your property supervisor or landowner will advise you somewhere in the range of 30 to 60 days ahead of time with an update that your rent will terminate soon. With that update comes a month to month recharging rate, if you somehow happened to choose to restore your rent, alongside month-to-month estimating on the off chance that you like to go the transient course.


At the point when your rent is up, you will get the opportunity to choose a rent restoration, which implies that toward the finish of your rent term, both you and your property chief consent to reestablish the rent. The property director will make another rent with comparative terms to that of the first, and apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh and both you and the property chief (and any of your flat mates who are likewise restoring) should sign this new agreement.

What is the procedure for a rent recharging?

After you’ve been told by your property chief – 30 to 60 days ahead of time – of your approaching end date, it will be the ideal opportunity for you to settle on a decision. In the event that you reestablish your rent, at that point you should give your property administrator composed notice of this choice. An email or letter will work – solicit your renting office which structure from see they like. In any case, in light of the fact that your rent is restoring doesn’t imply that your lease is remaining the equivalent.

rent RENTAPARTMENT microwave renting property apartment
rent RENTAPARTMENT microwave renting property apartment

Commonly, a condo network raises their market lease anyplace somewhere in the range of two and five percent on a yearly premise (in case you’re passing by a standard year rent) with a normal raise of 3.18% every year as indicated by CoStar Group. In view of this yearly measurement, you can anticipate that your lease should raise just somewhat when it comes time for your rent recharging. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you were given a rental concession on your past rent, your lease might go up more than you foreseen with your new rent.

What is a rental concession?

A rental concession is a decrease in the expense of lease by the property director in order to find an inhabitant faster. This strategy is frequently utilized when the rental market isn’t as promising true to form. For example, if your month to month lease is $1,200, however your rent expresses a concession of $50, at that point you might pay $1,150 in lease. In spite of the fact that concession charges are incredible for tenants, they may not stay for your rent recharging. Know about this when you’re thinking about recharging your rent.

On the off chance that you choose to restore, you will acknowledge your new rental rate, and your property administrator will send you another rent consent to survey and sign. You won’t be required to pay any further charges when you recharge your rent, for example, an application expense, security store, or organization expense. Those were dealt with when you initially moved into the condo – phew!


Maybe you’re feeling not exactly dedicated to an additional year (or other long haul) rent understanding. Purchase an apartment for rent regardless of whether you need one more month or so to choose on the off chance that you need to recharge or you need some additional opportunity to search for your next condo, a month-to-month rent understanding might be your most solid option.

What are the terms of leasing month-to-month?

After you’ve gotten your notice from your property chief about your up and coming finish of-rent date, you’ll be given a subsequent choice beside restoring your long haul rent. Your property administrator should rundown out the month-to-month estimating on your recharging offer if you somehow managed to pick this alternative.

A month-to-month rent understanding isn’t care for a fixed term understanding (a long haul rent). Your lease can change like clockwork with this sort of transient rent. In spite of the fact that it’s decent for leaseholders who aren’t prepared to focus on another long haul rent, you have to think about that your lease may not be steady a seemingly endless amount of time after month. What’s more, when you’re prepared to end this month-to-month understanding (or sign on for another long haul rent), you should furnish your property chief with a composed notice to empty (or a composed recharging notice) anyplace somewhere in the range of 30 and 60 days early – check your rent to decide your course of events!


On the off chance that you’ve quit both a rent recharging and a month-to-month tenant contract, at that point your last choice is to move out of your present condo and locate another rental. Regardless of whether your lease is expanding a lot for you to restore, month-to-month renting is out of your financial limit, or you just need to search for another spot, we have you secured when you’re prepared to locate your new loft! However, before you start your pursuit, ensure that you furnish your property chief or proprietor with a composed notice to abandon letter in any event 30 or 60 days preceding the finish of your rent, contingent upon the particulars of your rent.

At the point when you move out of your condo after your rent is up, you can hope to potentially get cash again from your security store and your pet store (in the event that you paid one), depending if the loft is without left of harm. Anything that you paid titled with “expense” before you moved in is nonrefundable, so don’t envision accepting that cash after you move out. Yet, how precisely do you get your security store (or any store) back after you move out of your condo?


Recovering your security store from your property administrator or landowner isn’t constantly an ensured arrangement. The sum (assuming any) that you get after you’ve moved out of the condo relies upon the express your unit was left in. To verify yourself the arrival of your security store, you’ll need to:

Completely spotless your condo, from the floor to the roof fans

Make any fixes to the harm you caused, for example, openings in the divider

Be available during your move-out investigation

Return your keys, including your mail key, keycard, entryway coxcomb, and so forth.

Your most obvious opportunity with regards to recovering your security store is leaving your loft fit as a fiddle, back to the condition you discovered it in. For whatever length of time that you or your pet didn’t harm the property and you covered lease on schedule, without fail, you ought to get your security store back after you move out of your loft. You can anticipate this installment with a money order through the mail to your new address (as long as you furnish your property supervisor with new address preceding moving out) around 30 to 60 days after you’ve moved out, contingent upon your nearby laws.


All things considered, you have three legitimate choices of what to do when your rent is up. You can: restore your rent for another term, consent to a month-to-month rent, or move out of your loft (with legitimate notice) and locate another rental. Do your examination with respect to the expense of lease in the territory, choose what your spending limit is, decide potential moving expenses, and eventually make sense of which choice is best for your living circumstance. Good luck, tenants!

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