Tips to help find Female in graft – cheap accommodation district 7

Sapo: Understanding these difficulties of customers today, we would like to share some tips or find women to share – cheap accommodation in District 7. Surely with these suggestions, you will quickly find a good rent room (tim phong tro) with good price to rest assured to study and work in District 7, HCMC.

About District 7, HCMC

District 7 was established according to the content of Resolution No. 03-CP dated January 6, 1977 of the Government of Vietnam on the establishment of a district in Ho Chi Minh City.

By April 1977, District 7 was officially established on the basis of the entire natural area and population of 337ha.

Owning 3 major seaports of Saigon including: Ben Nghe Port, Last Tan Thuan Dong Port, Bong Sen Port. District 7 is the destination of many domestic and foreign businesses. With rapid economic growth, many residents have moved here to live, study and work.

Zoning the area to find cheap accommodation in District 7

One of the fastest ways to find cheap accommodation in District 7 is to zoning the area you want to rent. According to many experts, it is best to rent a room in District 7 (phong tro quan 7) near the area where you live, study and work.


Zoning out to find child-rate rooms in District 7 is quite difficult

Featuring close proximity to the center of Saigon, renting a room in District 7, phong tro quan 7 is a great choice for those who want to enjoy a variety of top amenities of the city named Uncle Ho.

But the area of ​​District 7 is quite large, whether you rent a hostel in District 7 Nguyen Thi Thap, rent a hostel in District 7 Le Van Luong or any other street, you need to ensure factors such as: Security, easy access connecting with utilities and especially the transportation system must be convenient.

Guide to find rental rooms in District 7

Perhaps everyone knows how to find a room. But not everyone knows how to find a fast, safe and suitable room with their needs, interests and wants. Therefore, today Alonhatro will share some of the most useful guides to finding the most useful accommodation that anyone wishing to rent a room in general and rent a room in District 7 in particular should consult.


There are many sources of information for you to find female accommodation and boarding rooms

Find room rental information online

You can find cheap accommodation in District 7 on many different channels. In particular, there are current top reputable classifieds sites such as,, etc… At these classifieds sites, there is a lot of news daily from real estate brokers as well as owners. rooms, inns, nu o ghep etc… Therefore, just walking around a few times you can find a lot of news in the area you want to rent.

In addition, Facebook groups specializing in posting real estate news are also a good source for you to find rentals in District 7. Therefore, instead of surfing Facebook for entertainment every day you can take advantage to find the necessary information in Life is like renting a room in District 7 or other useful information.

Find rentals on OTA channels

In addition, you can also find cheap accommodation in District 7 on reputable OTA channels such as: Airbnb, Luxstay, … There are also a variety of room rental information. From the form of renting a room in District 7 by day to renting by month, renting room in district 7 long-term,…. Depending on your needs you may consider choosing the best sites to proceed to the room.

Through acquaintances

One more familiar information channel for those who are looking to rent a room in District 7, it is searched through relationships of acquaintances. Let loved ones know your needs.

If they know any room with a good price, they will recommend it to you. And moreover, if you have relatives and friends as real estate agents, it is too great. Surely they will help you quickly find and rent the best accommodation.

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