Best indian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh city

Inside Indian food, we locate the whole palette of flavors – sweet, harsh, fiery, and hot. With all the outlandish fixings and tongue-shivering flavors, Indian dishes are both scary and energizing. Coming to Ho Chi Minh City, numerous Indian locals are even flabbergasted by the realness of Indian flavors in such an outside spot. Indian nourishment in Ho Chi Minh City has consistently been an unquestionable requirement investigate viewpoint in its gastronomy. Also, here are seven best Indian restaurants in Saigon that are unquestionably worth your attempt.


Address: 39A – 39B Ngo Duc Ke Road, Ben Nghe Ward, Region 1

Oven has consistently been one of the notable Indian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. This restaurant serves both north and south Indian claims to fame. Additionally, it accompanies both veg and non-veg top choices. Arranged in the focal point of Saigon, it offers an ideal availability and an upscale situation.

Furthermore, for the individuals who have scanned for best Indian restaurants in Hanoi, the name Oven has never again been a weird thing. The best thing about this brand name is that it keeps up the consistency in the flavor and administration quality in the two urban areas. The culinary experts are on the whole Indian-locals, guaranteeing the legitimacy of the dishes.


Address: 38 Hai Ba Trung Road, Area

Alongside Oven, Ganesh has since quite a while ago guaranteed itself as one of the Indian restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City with dependable notoriety. Ganesh has been gradually forming into a chain of restaurants and you can appreciate the Ganesh dishes in either Saigon, Phu Quoc, or Nha Trang. The name Ganesh takes its inception from the name of a divine being in India – an image of knowledge, achievement and good karma.

In contrast to Oven, Ganesh offers an increasingly unique climate. Individuals come, appreciate the dishes and their own vivacious conversation. So in the event that you need something progressively like an easygoing restaurant in India, this one ought to be a decent decision.

Baba’s Kitchen

Address: 164 Bui Vien Road, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Region 1

Approach TripAdvisor for the best Indian restaurants in Saigon, and you will consistently get its name. Baba’s Kitchen is supported by both nearby and remote explorers. This spot, notwithstanding not being an extravagant looking restaurant, is where individuals feel like home. The administration quality is the thing that makes it truly stand apart from any opposition.

Baba’s Kitchen is otherwise called an incredible restaurant with extraordinary liberality. It generally incorporates complimentary gifts like a side dish or a sweet, offering the visitors the over-convey idea. Furthermore, more significantly, the estimating at this restaurant is an incredible pulling factor that draws in numerous explorers to come and appreciate the dinners.


Address: 188-190 Bui Vien Road, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Region

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Namaste is only a couple of entryways from BaBa’s Kitchen, however their flavors have never shared any likeness. In the event that BaBa’s Kitchen gives the locals the feeling comfortable, Namaste is the ideal agreement of the Indian and Vietnamese environment. At the end of the day, it is the place you can taste Indian dishes in an increasingly neighborhood way.

The objective of Namaste is hikers as it offers dynamic and amicable climate. This restaurant is the place you can come and appreciate every one of the three suppers in a day. The assorted variety of the dishes in the menu will never allow you to down; they accompany their own uniqueness in their flavors and plan.

Saigon Indian

Address: 73 Macintosh Thi Buoi Road, first floor, Area 1

The rundown of best Indian restaurants in Saigon will never miss this name. Saigon Indian is the principal Indian restaurant in HCM City that successes the honor for remarkable nourishment and administration quality. This spot gives an incomparable validness of the dishes and a high-class nature of administrations.

Idian restaurant in Ho Chi-Minh city
Idian restaurant in Ho Chi-Minh city

The spot is satisfied with warm style and a wide assortment of delectable Indian cooking. Numerous explorers coming to Saigon has denoted this spot as a deciding element that made their excursion so paramount. Saigon Indian is additionally preferred as one of the greatest vegan restaurants in Saigon. The menu is perfect with both non-veg and veg gourmets.

Taj Mahal

Address: 241-265/1 Pham Ngu Lao Road, Locale 1

Its space is little yet comfortable, and on the off chance that you need something trendy person, Taj Mahal is a top proposal. What’s more, despite the fact that this spot is certifiably not a tasteful restaurant, it guaranteed an opening in the rundown of the best Indian restaurants in Saigon with its uniqueness of flavor. Muhammad Zaman opened Taj Mahal around ten years prior, and the notoriety of this restaurant has risen from that point onward.

The menu accompanies broad dishes from sheep, chicken, to fish and hamburger. Likewise, it offers a predominant reasonableness, drawing in most spending explorers and hikers. Taj Mahal, to put it plainly, is a perfect and financially savvy spot to escape from other normal Vietnamese neighborhood dishes.


Address: 74a2 Ha Ba Trung Road, Ben Nghe Ward, Area 1

The Ganges is where you can modify your suppers dependent on your zest remainder. It additionally gives an inviting mood, underscoring on the amicable and client centered idea. The nourishment is bona fide, yet still have space for the visitors to make it progressively fit to their particular taste.

The Ganges is along these lines a spot where you can return commonly without the sentiment of plenitude. Each opportunity you return, a similar dish you at any point attempted can be diverse in the manner you need it. This spot is for the individuals who consistently need to take a stab at something new yet don’t have any desire to demolish the real flavor.

Indian restaurants in Saigon are some way or another unmistakable in their own specific manners. Regardless of whether you need an extravagance or an easygoing restaurant, you can generally discover one. This rundown of the best Indian restaurants in Saigon ideally gives you valuable proposals to your must-attempt food agenda. Pick one, come, and attempt.

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