The 10 Best French Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City resembles a goliath outdoors showcase with diners all over the place, serving a wide range of nourishment, from nearby Vietnamese and local Asian to universal food, for example, Mediterranean, American, and European. Here are the main 10 French restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City.

La Estate French Restaurant

La Estate French Restaurant is a cutting edge foundation where coffee shops can enjoy genuine and delightful French charge, either inside on lavish furnishings or outside in the nursery by the pool. The menu is perfect and there is additionally a cheddar trolley here (indeed, you read that right), just as a broad imported French wine list. Exactly when you figure it can’t beat that, you’ll find their post-feast Cuban stogies. Everything right now not be from France, however who’s griping? Toward the finish of every feast, the master and well disposed gourmet expert leaves his kitchen to find a good pace and ensure they’re fulfilled. Well that is French friendliness.

48 Bistro

A most loved among local people in downtown Ho Chi Minh City is 48 Bistro, a genuine case of an example of overcoming adversity in a territory where restaurants are continually shutting. 48 Bistro has not just served top notch French and Viet food for more than seven years, yet they’ve likewise extended, opening another area at 52 Le Thi Rieng. The Vietnamese proprietor and business visionary, Tu Ly, a previous gourmet specialist at the New World Inn, is both cheerful and expert. Over glasses of flavorful red wine, you can make the most of his culinary tests, which are shockingly modest for gourmet nourishment. Inside, the restaurant is quiet, with delicate lighting, vintage banners, and nostalgic road side photographs, all making a serene domain for you to make the most of your feast.

Le Padam – Cheddar Bar

Le Padam – Cheddar Bar is Ho Chi Minh City’s solitary cheddar bar, whisking coffee shops away on a culinary excursion to an interesting Parisian bistro that serves different cheddar dishes. Le Padam’s menu highlights cheddar, cold cuts (Serrano ham), and a little choice of servings of mixed greens and sandwiches. They offer around 13 assortments of cheddar consistently, and you can arrange The Cheddar Board that highlights either three or five unique sorts. Each board is presented with a crisply prepared roll and custom made jam. This spot is an altar to everything fromage, giving an invite portion of dairy treatment and carrying a grin to any individual who says “cheddar.”

Le Jardin

48 Bistro
48 Bistro

Le Jardin is an easygoing and economical French restaurant Saigon that is shrouded away in a little nursery space, offering a break from the blares and horns of the every day Ho Chi Minh City traffic. With an astounding decision of mother style natively constructed French dishes and an eminent wine list in a peaceful nursery setting, what more you could need? The French inflections servers have add to the validness of this experience. Attempt to fit in and request the snails in French.


Cocotte, a great French bistro, is a jewel concealed in a trim (“back street”) that is near Ben Thanh Market. It opened in 2017 and immediately got one of Ho Chi Minh City’s top picks. This current restaurant’s effortlessness makes it undeniably more beguiling than numerous different restaurants. You can arrange from the menu, however on the off chance that your French is superior to average, give requesting from the writing board a shot the divider that rundowns the day by day specials. We prescribe the onion soup, duck confit, saucisses in lentil sauce, and the crème brûlée. You can pull off a full gut and some wine for around 20 USD for two.

La Food

La Food is a casual restaurant that overflows with French marvelousness and refinement, flaunts a broad wine rundown, and presents a gastronomic retreat amidst the downtown area’s disarray. There are various dishes that merit acknowledgment here, including the hand crafted bread, the salty margarine, the moderate cooked pork stomach, and the new, delicate, and delightful scallops. These choices, finished off with the lime and chocolate pie for dessert, complete the ideal French meal.While eating, you can watch the culinary experts do what they excel at. In spite of the fact that the inside structure makes a quality of abundance and proposes a significant expense tag, the entire experience won’t put a major imprint in your wallet. Reserve a spot ahead of time!

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